Managers – activate your employees!

Meetings and reviews don’t activate employees. As bigger as a company grows, the more routines and processes are necessary, that’s fact. But to make a company more efficient, take care, that you don’t let the new routines dominate your employee’s time and energy.

How to energize employees? Try to manage extraordinary moments, find unexpected situations to honor good work, invite for a common sitting together, or handover a cash-Bonus. To be unpredictable in a positive manner will help activate your team.

Energy is an internal force that motivates employees to keep moving forward. Activated managers and employees have a much higher sense of positive thinking, to get things done. Activity and energy is not engagement. Be careful, high engagement is not equal with high performance. A high performance with good results for your company are essential for your company, and the more employees start to use their talents with energy, the more fun – and btw profit – will come.

Unexpected actions improve employee energy. Routine, bureaucratic processes don’t impact energy at work positively. In most companies the best example are meetings – do more meetings make you feel more active? More reports, reviews? I’m sure, they don’t. Random moments energize, to manage incidental situations will increase activism and a sense of urgency to go forward.  A lot of companies have to motivate employees who seem to insist on working on low-priority items. Try to figure out, how to activate them – and don’t forget: don’t let your unexpected situations develop into routines. Then it would be time to start new. Good luck.

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