Discrepancy between job profile and job reality

What a candidate reads in a job posting and what actually expects him in the new position, does not often fit together. The discrepancy between the job profile and the reality in the company frustrates almost every other manager. But there are more reasons for the disappointment when starting the new job: The executives get too high goals in too short a time and the corporate culture is different than expected. After the change many managers also notice that they need other technical and social skills for the new job or that their personality doesn’t go well with the company.

Job profiles should realistically be defined by the future employer and the specifics of the company should be emphasized. Even negative aspects may be mentioned at the appropriate place. Thus the company is authentic and builds up confidence to candidates. A recruiter can provide professional assistance here, since he knows the concerns and expectations of candidates as well as the requirements and needs of the company. In addition, he is objective and as an external partner he doesn’t have a „tunnel vision“.

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